The Beauty and Simplicity of Printable Art

The idea for Scripturecapes came when I realized I would instinctively run to nature and God during hard times.  Yes, I would seek both on a daily basis during everyday life, but I had a deep desire and pursuit when life got hard.

I would spend hours in my bible, hiking in the woods, or strolling at the nearby shore of majestic Great Lakes, talking to God and craving to hear His voice and feel His presence.  Sometimes, I would listen the audio bible while strolling or hiking - the best therapy I have ever had.  That's how the idea to bring both into my home through art prints was born.

The affect?  A calming presence of God with the serenity of nature!

The magic is in the simplicity and ease of rotating prints and storing them within the frames.  No more wasted money on art that I grew bored of, and no more clutter stacks of accumulated unloved art and frames.

Here is a collection of my most loved frames - in gold and wood to create simplicity, cohesiveness, and warmth throughout a home.




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