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 collection of links to my favorite AMAZON simple home finds!


 throw pillow covers  |  ginger jar  |  jute rug  |  seagrass basket  |  throw blanket  |  arm chair  |  faux fig tree  |  candle  |  lamp



I have been a long time user of aromatherapy.  I diffuse and roll essential oils daily to evoke calm and relaxation in my home and life - particularly during quiet time, and during every aspect of my lifestyle.  I have simplified my aromatherapy routine to use just 8 base oils that are the foundation to create 6 lifestyle blends.  Simplicity is queen of calm.

 I keep it super simple // equal parts of each oil, use the same recipe in a diffuser or roller.  I use the amber set of bottles + rollers for gifts, and the blue set at home. Save the image below to your phone or computer for easy reference.

blue bottles  |  blue rollers  |  amber bottles  |  amber rollers  |  kitchen diffuser  |  QT space diffuser  |  lemonpeppermint  |  rosemary  |  orange  |  lavender  |  eucalyptus  |  frankincense  |  clove

black  |  gold  |  light wood  |  dark wood  |  white  |  timeless

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